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AUS: DriveMyCar teams with dealership to start car rentals with Mercedes

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DriveMyCar and LSH Mercedes-Benz dealerships are teaming together to start at the Melbourne Airport. DriveMyCar will create a series of new Mercedes-Benz cars which will include A-Class, B-Class, CLA, C-Class, X-Class, and GLA cars which can be rented by customers and tourists through the Mercedes-Benz Melbourne Airport dealership. After arriving at the airport consumers will be picked up at their terminal by a valet driver and driven to the dealership to pick up their rental vehicle.

This new collaboration will be promoted to Mercedes owners across Australia and new and existing DriveMyCar customers who are seeking a luxury driving experience with the convenience of airport valet pick up. This collaboration will appeal to tourists, business travelers and those seeking to experience Mercedes-Benz for weekends away or extended vehicle evaluations.

The Melbourne Airport service is expected to launch in November 2018, in time for the seasonal increase in vehicle rental demand.

Collaborate CEO, Chris Noone commented "We are excited to work with Mercedes-Benz Melbourne to introduce new and innovative ways for people to experience Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Mercedes-Benz Melbourne is part of LSH Auto, the world's largest dealer group for Mercedes-Benz cars. LSH Auto Australia have demonstrated themselves to be at the forefront of providing luxury vehicles to consumers. We look forward to partnering with Mercedes-Benz Melbourne to expand the opportunity to enable more consumers to experience Mercedes- Benz vehicles as part of DriveMyCar's rental offering."

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