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Australia’s electric car company Tritium ready to change the market

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Tritium's, an Australia-based electric car technology company, co-founder recently announced that the $3.2 million project from the US Department of Energy and given to the Electric Power Research Institute will ensure consumers still have a "petrol station mentality" as they change over to electric cars.

Because petrol stations are readily available, people will drive until they are nearly empty, then pull in to fill the tank – which takes only a few minutes. At the moment, owners treat electric vehicles more like mobile phones – fully charging them overnight to maximise range.

Coupled with the increasing operating ranges offered by electric vehicles, Kennedy said the widespread availability of high-powered fast chargers – known in the US as ‘extreme fast chargers’ – would also make long distance electric vehicle road trips much more possible.

Kennedy said the charging stations under development will have the potential to add up to 350 km in 10 minutes for cars capable of using 350 kW power. There will initially be six charging heads per site, and more in the future.

“It’s a bit of a game-changer, and I don’t think that’s hyperbole,” Kennedy told create.

Smaller, cheaper, more efficient

According to Kennedy, Tritium’s involvement in the project followed on from previous work they have done with project lead EPRI – a US-based, utility-funded research centre that focuses on a range of issues including the electric vehicle charging network and its impact on the power grid.

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