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Autotrader looks into the many companies diving into electric cars

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Rumors are swirling about Apples potential entry into the car market and several sources indicate that the iCar will compete directly with Tesla.

Dyson is designing a line of ‘radically different’ electric vehicles.

Auto Trader has imagined what it would look like if other tech and lifestyle brands, such as Amazon, Spotify and Airbnb were to design their own cars

The electric revolution is well and truly underway, and new models of electric car with increasingly sophisticated integrated technologies are frequently being launched. It’s not just traditional car manufacturers that are entering the electric vehicle market, with Dyson and (if rumors are to be believed) Apple set to bring their own designs into production within the next few years. With governments around the world enacting legislation to phase out production of petrol and diesel cars, there’s no doubt that the EV market will grow exponentially in the next decade and it’s inevitable that disruptive brands will try to carve their own slice of the market.

The UK’s largest digital automotive platform, Auto Trader, playfully imagines what cars designed by some of the biggest lifestyle and tech brands might look like, exploring the futuristic features they would have and how they’d tackle the challenges faced by current EVs, namely range and battery limitations and lengthy charging times.

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