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Brazil’s Localiza is bringing car rental and fleet management to more people

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Localiza, a Brazil-based car rental, and fleet management business, has recently created a simple and quick way to give cars for personal customer usage.

The first, known as Localiza FLEX, entails renting a car on a monthly basis. “Unlike some other monthly services which may require a commitment of a year, we only ask for one month, quite a flexible option for our customers,” director of client pricing and experience Guilherme Braz told Global Fleet.

Considering an economic car such as the subcompact Chevrolet Onix, using it for one month would cost 1,573 reais (US$384) with a maximum allowed usage of 3,000km.

Localiza offers progressive discounts for longer contracts of 2-6 months as well as corporate discounts, depending on the number of cars needed. Keep in mind that the fee also covers the cost of vehicle taxes, insurance, maintenance, and repairs.

Local insurance company Porto Seguro offers a similar service known as Carro Facil (easy car) in which the same car would run you 1,385 reais per month. However, it requires a one-year commitment, and the limit on usage is 12,000km (1,000km per month). It does offer packages with more kilometers, though.

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