News establishs India’s first automobile physical and digital showroom

By Editor 0 Comments NEWS, News has started India's very first physical and digital car showroom to help enhance the consumer's experience with both the company and the cars themselves. The company has already found some success combining the physical experience of buying a car along with the digital benefits including establishing portfolio management systems.

Armed with an outlook of combining the physical experience of buying a car through the digital lens of the platform, the brand has created a process that is immediate, immersive and interactive. is focused on creating the largest team of portfolio managers in the automobile sector in India by not only providing the online buying and selling experience of either a used car or a new car, but facilities like ground showroom offers, settling or onset of  insurance claims, estimating the real value of used cars, verification, registrations, self-checking on each car personally are all taken care off. Currently, the team is focused on the Delhi-NCR market which allows the brand to streamline the tech and physical processes for future multi-city operations.

“By compelling the blend of physical and digital worlds, has made possible to digitize the experience of buying a car, by data-driven cognitive insights and marketing tools, where the real and virtual practices of consumer behavior while buying a car can be blended into an unique experience,” expressed Sujay Gupta, CEO,

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