Carnomic, a blockchain data company, will change marketing in the car industry

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Carnomic is the very first blockchain-based transportation marketing data solution focused on the car industry. The company hopes to change the process of how marketing campaigns that are data focused occur throughout the industry by utilizing blockchains. Carmonic hopes to combine the efforts of automotive intelligence and marketing data to make marketing more effective and cheaper.

Carnomic, with its innovative strategy and clear vision, will overcome the shortcomings of the traditional data platforms. There is no worldwide data platform for the Car industry provides standard information a Car manufacturer needs, mostly because every country has its own unique system of registration. Furthermore, data security is a major concern as there are several ways by which security can be breached. Another major issue with the existing data systems is that there is no payment done to the consumer for their data. A number of big companies are exploiting the user data without giving them any benefits for the same.

Carnomic will disrupt the industry by addressing the aforementioned issues. On this platform, it will be the choice of the users to share their information for free or sell particular information in exchange for the Carnomic token. Carnomic is building an all-in-one blockchain platform that provides all kinds of information for car companies that helps them in developing strategy and growth.

Data security will be a major priority on the platform which will be achieved with high-quality encryption. The platform will provide an opportunity for the users to get paid whenever their data is needed. In addition, the platform will be accompanied by mobile and desktop app solutions that will be synchronized in real-time. The Carnomic app will also be a marketplace for selling and buying cars.

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