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Chatbots are providing a lot of assistance in the automotive market

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When one business finds success with their own bots, other companies want to join in. Over the past year chatbots has become a more common practice for companies to who wish to interact with customers consistently.

Automotive Driving Chatbot Adoption

Cars are rapidly turning into smarter, processor-laden, cloud-connected, devices in their own right. And, with more countries banning the use of mobiles at the wheel, the chatbot becomes the ideal interface for undistracted driving. Bots can provide benefits up and down the automotive value chain.

They can provide dealers with an easy way to talk to customers, book test drives while garages and repair shops can use them to maintenance slots. For example, UK van specialist Vanarama has a chatbot to handle queries. Friendly iVan can answer customer questions quickly and efficiently on any device to find information about vehicles and deals.

Car part companies can use them to speed up part queries and provide detail on deliveries without bothering the staff, but the key focal point is the driver of any modern vehicle. Car marques also use social media chatbots to get people talking about their latest models and exploring the new features to boost interest as part of a marketing drive. Banks and finance companies can use chatbots to get the signup process and deals sorted.

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