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Contact At Once! now has over 10,000 dealerships using their app

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Contact At Once! recently announced that 10,000 dealerships have now moved onto their online app, CAO! Connect, which means that two out of three car dealerships who use any CAO! app is now utilizing the benefits of their features.

CAO! Connect helps dealerships enable conversational commerce with auto shoppers and owners, showcasing inventory, rich media and digital retailing tools. Auto shoppers and agents can see the same content in the conversation window. Tapping on the YouTube preview, for example, will open a slide-out to display and play shared media.  Inventory information and vehicle history reports are readily available for agents when they're engaging in conversation with shoppers.

"CAO! Connect is fantastic," says Marty Phillips, Internet Manager for Harry Robinson Buick GMC. "It allows my Internet team to engage with online shoppers and really communicate with them in a way that gets the customer through the front door. You can't sell anything to a voicemail or an email that never responds back. Contact At Once! helps my team connect with the customer from the word, 'go'!"

Dealers and automakers worldwide use Contact At Once! to message with consumers looking for new and used cars, service and parts.  Now, two in three CAO! Dealerships are using the advanced web-based apps. In addition, the CAO! unique messaging network enables conversations among many connections from dealership websites to online advertising, social sites, etc. The company recently announced that it is now a Customer Service Platform (CSP) for Apple Business Chat, supporting another way for consumers to reach local dealerships and manufacturers when they have questions.

"Our goal is to help dealers have more fruitful conversations with car shoppers and owners, and move them closer to the dealership visit," says Yuval Lubowich, CAO! Vice President, Product Development. "We are excited to pass this major milestone, with over 10,000 dealerships using Connect across the globe within the first four months of launch. The interactivity between the agent and consumer has been elevated to new levels."

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