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Ctrip’s international car rental service now available on

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Considered China's largest online travel agent - and second largest in the world - Ctrip, has recently announced that its international car rental services will now be available on as Ctrip Group's new international one-stop travel booking service.

Beginning this month, international customers are able to use's "Car Hire" services to book rental cars in more than 6,000 cities across the globe. Customers have access to more than 130,000 rental outlets and over 7 million car resources to select from. The service is currently available to all desktop users in English, with additional languages and a mobile version of the service to be launched soon.

The addition of rental car services on - which already offers plane tickets, train tickets and hotel booking services in a variety of languages - represents a key step in Ctrip's ongoing efforts to provide enhanced travel services. In order to provide the new car rental services, Ctrip went through vigorous and intensive screening, assessment and contracting of car rental suppliers in order to be able to entrust high-quality services.

"The ability for travelers all over the world to seamlessly access car rentals as part of their travel itinerary on is a crucial step in building out our global platform," said Yuchen Wang, Ctrip Group Rental Car CEO. "As a key connection between airports and hotels, car rental services are an important and growing part of both commercial and individually organized travel. In particular, we are seeing more and more Chinese travelers choosing to rent cars on their trips. With our cost-efficient and integrated car rental services, is well positioned to become a top choice for booking end-to-end international travel itineraries."

With the needs of travelers and increased numbers of international travelers, Ctrip Group is constantly upgrading its services to cater to those needs. Travelers want unique experiences and through the car rental services, Ctrip Group enables travelers to visit locations which previously were difficult to access. As Chinese consumers become accustomed to independent travel, the car rental market will grow. Ctrip conducted a study last year and found that the number of Chinese car travelers has jumped 300% year-on-year among those traveling abroad.

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