Estonia: Taxify will have pricing estimates for locations on Google Maps

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Taxify, a ride-hailing business out of Estonia, is now allowing their customers to open their mobile app and get pricing estimations after looking up locations while using Google Maps.

Riders will search for their destination, tap directions, select the ride services tab next to the familiar car and walking options and then view information on how far the cabs are as well as an estimated fare.

The Taxify logo will now appear on Google Maps next to other ridesharing options such as Uber. Selecting Taxify will open the ride-sharing application or prompt users to install Taxify and then complete booking the ride.

“Having Taxify as part of the transit options on Google Maps makes it easy for riders, as it offers them comparisons between estimated arrival times, as well as fare options. This saves them time and money,” said Shivachi Muleji, Taxify General Manager East Africa in a statement on Tuesday.

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