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iVendi introduces four animated product videos for online car sales

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Four new animated shorts about add-on product have been produced by iVendi in a push to back and support car dealer efforts to sell more online.

The two-minute videos cover warranties, GAP, paint protection and tyre and alloy wheel cover.

iVendi’s chief operation officer, Richard Tavernor, said: “We have found that online videos of this kind are very effective at increasing sales penetration of products.

"In the past, we have used them to explain a range of finance options to online customers, and these have been watched hundreds of thousands of times.

“The new, add-on product videos will fulfil a similar role, providing customers who are interested in a warranty or GAP insurance with a fun but useful product description that lets them know what they will be buying.

"We expect them to have a very definite impact on sales penetration.”

iVendi had recently been spending a lot of time working on the best ways to integrate add-on products into the development of online motor retail.

“These products are often important sources of profit for dealers and other retailers, and can provide valuable protection for customers but are often easy to ignore if they are simply presented as a single page of options online,” said Tavernor.

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