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Nissan seeks to sell one million e-vehicles by 2022

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Nissan recently announced its plans to become a leader in automotive evolution, so it expects to sell one million electrified vehicles in the world - be they pure electric models or those with e-POWER engines - for the fiscal year 2022.
The Japanese company plans to accelerate the connectivity of vehicles, as part of its medium-term plan "Nissan M.O.V.E to 2022".
Nissan M.O.V.E intends to guide the company in the pursuit of the following objectives: develop eight new electric vehicles, taking advantage of the success of their Nissan LEAF; launch an electric vehicle offensive in China under different brands; introduce a mini-electric vehicle "kei" in Japan.
As well as offering a global electric crossover inspired by the Nissan IMx Concept; electrify new Infiniti models starting fiscal year 2021; equip 20 models in 20 markets with autonomous driving technology; achieve 100% connectivity for all new vehicles of the Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun brands sold in key markets towards the end of the plan.
The Chief Planning Officer of the company, Philippe Klein, assured that the product and technology strategy is dedicated to positioning Nissan as a leader in automotive, technological and business development.
He added: "Our efforts are focused on offering Nissan Intelligent Mobility, which covers the three main elements of electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and new mobility services."
At a press conference, the manager confirmed that the medium-term plan seeks to increase annual revenues by 30% to 16.5 billion yen by the end of fiscal year 2022.
As part of its electrification strategy, Klein said that Nissan will launch a product offensive in China this year led by a new C segment electric vehicle derived from Nissan LEAF technology.
The product offensive will also include an affordable electric vehicle in China through Alliance eGT New Energy Automotive, a joint venture of the Alliance and this new electric vehicle will be jointly developed by the Alliance and Dongfeng in a segment A SUV platform.
Nissan will also continue to expand its e-POWER technology already offered at Nissan NOTE and Serena in Japan.
Regarding autonomous driving systems, Nissan announced plans to incorporate ProPILOT technology in 20 models in 20 markets by 2022, so that the company expects to sell one million vehicles equipped with ProPILOT for that year.
Subsequently, the company will make improvements in ProPILOT to automate the driving in several lanes of the roads and manage the destinations of the vehicles.
On the other hand, the objective was also announced to offer connectivity for 100% of the new Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun vehicles sold in key markets thanks to the launch of the Alliance Connected Cloud.
"Alliance Connected Cloud will allow all Alliance companies to integrate the data management of connected vehicles of the future, current and past, support information and entertainment services, as well as a single communication mechanism to facilitate updates through of air for all vehicles, "said Senior Vice President Ogi Redzic.

The above article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.


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