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UK: Tootle wants to make the used car market simpler and safer

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Tootle wants to change the relationship between private car owners and professional car buyers, guaranteeing that customers will get the best price possible for their used cars. Unlike a typical private car sale, Tootle makes sure customers are only interacting with true professionals who are investigated before they are allowed to bid or buy any cars from the platform.

Tootle boasts a competitive selling time, from listing a vehicle to accepting an offer, of just four days. This is enhanced by the recent launch of our new car buying aggregator tool, which provides the consumer or car seller with a list of all interested buyers and bids within a matter of minutes.

The entire process happens online, so sellers won’t be bombarded by dealers calling and will only be contacted once an offer has been made. In 9/10 cases, the vehicle is also collected by the dealer from the consumer’s home.

How big is the market – and how much of it do you think you can own?

The British car market is changing with more consumers favouring second hand cars over purchasing a brand-new vehicle.

This demonstrated by the fact over 8.1 million used cars were sold in the UK during 2017 alone, being the second highest total on record. As the interest in used cars grows, vehicles may hold more value and sellers could achieve a greater return when selling via platforms such as Tootle. That said, we aim to become a leading name within the industry through offering a fast, efficient and transparent way to sell vehicles.

As a tech platform, Tootle is also extremely adaptable to market changes. Our current dealer network is vast and comprises of thousands of independent dealers, motor groups and auction houses, which means we can quickly respond to how consumers are buying and selling their cars. Ultimately, Tootle aims to continue to champion the consumers and will dominate the digital car selling space.

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