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Uruguayan transport app plans to grow in America and Africa

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This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English via Google Translate. Click here to read the original article.

Charging in local currency, not applying dynamic rates, and offering low prices are the main differentials that UP seeks to offer, the 100% national application that was launched in December last year to compete with the Uber and Easy Taxi transport multinationals.

The app - available in App Store and Google Play - is distinguished by providing a plurality of options to meet the needs of each user: UP Classic (classic service); UP Sedan (spacious cars that ensure a large suitcase, ideal for trips to the airport); UP FEM (designed for women with female drivers); and UP VIP (mobility experience with luxury vehicles). You can schedule these services as soon as possible.

In addition, it differentiates between its peers by computing trips in Uruguayan pesos and by its wide range of collection methods such as Mercado Pago, international and local cards. In turn, does not work with dynamic rate, although it does with an increase of 20% in the hours of 22:00 and 6:00, explained Roberto Yavarone, co-founder of the company with the former manager of Easy and Uber in Uruguay, John Tarin.

"In this way, you are sure that if you take a car at the same time, the trip will always be the same. It does not matter if it rains or if there is a lot of demand," said Yavarone, who previously owned taxis. The executive specified that his rate is similar to the Uber standard, "which is the lowest in the market."

On the part of the drivers, who today are 1,500 active, they are differentiated by a more personalized treatment and charge commissions of 10%. This figure is lower than those required by other companies, which are around 25%, according to the co-founder.

These factors, plus the experience in the business of the partners, were decisive to arouse interest in other markets. Today the app works only in the capital, but it is expected that before the end of the year it will land in more departments of the country. First, it is expected to reach Salto, followed by Maldonado for the summer season.

At the international level, it is projected in the coming months to start operating in Africa, mainly in Namibia and South Africa, where they have already made a first contact. To these countries are added Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and the USA. "The first idea is to stabilize here in Uruguay, settle in Montevideo, then open in a department soon and attack the international plane," he said.

It is not easy to compete with multinational companies. According to Yavarone, you do not compete with them with money but with a better service: "We have shown that it is possible to compete with these giants with new ideas and a personal approach to the drivers. From here you can expand your services.

"They work on the incorporation of a new modality of application by telephone to reach older people who find it hard to use apps. They maintain dialogs with Antel so that the trip is paid via telephone bill.

"Older people often require to request vehicles to move, but they are left out of these services because they work through applications. With this we seek to reach that population, "he said.

Recently, the possibility of requesting freight and winches from the platform was added. Plans for the season include adding boats or boats to rent in Punta del Este. "The idea is to give the user as many options," said Yavarone.

This article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English via Google Translate. Click here to read the original article.

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