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US: DealerBuilt introduces new dealer management system called ceDMS

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A top provider for car Dealer Management Systems, DealerBuilt recently introduced a new platform for their LightYear DMS, changing it into the ceDMS. DealerBuilt's new Consumer Experience Platform will bring together their dealer operating system with their top Consumer Experience solution.

"Today's consumer demands that dealers pay attention to their total experience in a manner in which they have become accustomed to in today's rapidly evolving world of technology," stated Mike Trasatti, CEO of DealerBuilt. Trasatti continued to elaborate, "They want a single point of entry for all their Dealership needs. DealerBuilt is committed to ensuring that the ceDMS delivers on those expectations by being the centralized end to end solution that extends into the consumer experience solution of tomorrow."

DealerBuilt has partnered with UpdatePromise, the leader in bringing to market emerging consumer experience technologies that leverage today's leading communication media.

This platform will include several components such as offering promotions, scheduling appointments, self-check-in kiosk, service lane tablet check-in, video and photo repair recommendations, multi-point inspection results, online reviews integrated with social media and even payment processing, all from a single unified system of record. The consumer will have on-demand access to all this information from UpdatePromise's consumer-based portal coined "Glovebox."

DealerBuilt will begin offering the new LightYear ceDMS Nov. 1, 2018, as part of its bundled offering for all new clients and will offer a conversion to the bundle for all existing and renewing clients.

UpdatePromise's CEO, Curtis Nixon, discussed the value of his company's relationship with DealerBuilt, "The Consumer Experience side of the Auto Dealership world is fragmented and costly for Dealerships across the country. DealerBuilt is taking a huge step forward in eliminating that fragmentation by providing a seamless solution for their clients, and an unparalleled Consumer Experience for consumers. We couldn't be happier that DealerBuilt selected UpdatePromise as their partner of choice for this important milestone."

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