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Vehicle Tracking Solutions® rolls out enhanced Silent Passenger® Android app update

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Vehicle Tracking Solutions (VTS) recently announced their enhanced Android app release, version 3.0, claiming that it is the most powerful fleet management mobile application currently available on the market.

VTS offers state-of-the-art maps, addressing, traffic, satellite imagery, as well as a new "Street View" option for customers, providing the current location of a vehicle's vitals in the same view. This upgrade gives users new functionality and faster load times as well.

"This major update to the Silent Passenger app on the Android platform was geared to creating a scalable enterprise fleet management app that is able to handle the demand of operators with thousands of vehicles, trailers, and assets in their fleet. Performance tuning and enhancing the intuitiveness of the application for the user was a major focus by the Silent Passenger US-based development team," said Ryan Wilkinson, Chief Technology Officer at VTS. "Together, our development team created the best fleet management mobile app available today!"

The latest update includes features such as:

  • Enhanced Route Playback with actual Google Street View.
  • Accurate real-time readings for subscribed vehicles such as temperature status, and battery levels.
  • The reporting function of the app has also been enhanced, providing easy to use reports with a timeline of vehicle events.
  • Plus, a count of vehicles and a map view filter to easily locate them, including search by voice – using speech to text technology.



SOURCE Vehicle Tracking Solutions
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